The amazon jungle lodge

The Heliconia natural reserve is located in the Brazil Amazon Jungle , bordering with Peru and Colombia. It is close to tabatinga and Leticia bordering cities those are near Javari river one of the Amazon river´s affluent.

The reserve is a faraway place in Amazon where you can feel an incredible atmosphere full of peace, mysterious, calm and adventure. In the Javari’s river valley still exists nomad tribe, they have never got in touch with other cultures.

In the natives towns you will see an amazing sightseeing, there are millennial trees, exotics animals belonging to Amazon, also u ll go around the Amazon rainforest. We have for you a comfortable host the Amazon jungle lodge in there you will have a pleasant stay.


The amazon jungle lodge uses friendly eco materials to keep the natural balance with the environment.

The name HELICONIA is derived from HELICON, a mountain in southern Greece regarded by the ancient Greeks as the home of the muses. This suggests the relationship between the HELICONIA plant and bananas (Genus MUSA) which were eaten by the muses, half earthly - half heavenly beings in charge of providing human beings with motivation for being creative.

The vegetation of the Amazon rainforest can be classified in to three groups according to their height and sun filtering....
The amazon jungle lodge is the best option to stay in your amazon vacation and enjoy the wonders of this tropical Paradise.
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