What to Bring to the Amazon Travel

The Amazon region is located in the north of South America, in the limit of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, is the main lung of the planet by its great extensions of forest.

The route by the Amazon is full of motivating experiences that will surprise you; animals, plants, communities and the local activities as the fishing turns this attractive place into a perfect one for ecotourism.

The Amazon rainforest is unique by its innumerable species, among them, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and insects; its tropical and humid climate and the different thermal floors that exists in the zone allows this variety, therefore the biodiversity and the atmosphere is exclusive of the region and the continent.

The main cities are based in the creeks of the Amazon River, and is there where the majority of settlers is concentrated, who practice the fishing, export of rubber and wood, agriculture with their main products like the yucca, banana and corn.

Great part of the territory is not inhabitable because the forests are dense disabling the coexistence for the humans, while that is favorable for the fauna. 28xciento of oxygen that it is consumed in the world, it comes from the Amazonian Forest, it is a virgin territory, that still stays rural and in which they inhabit several tribes who conserve their customs.

In the Amazon travel find innumerable species, among them, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and insects.
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